About Us

About Futuristic Group?

Futuristics Group (RTO Code – 45136) Registered training organization in Australia.

At the Futuristics Group, we strongly think that a fantastic future commences with the correct training and education. We have created a modern educational institute in Australia that can look after minds through quality training and education. 


From the very beginning, we have emphasized sensible, personal, and flexible studying. We have always respected the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with industry and enterprises to create job-specific courses and amenities.


We recognize that our course instructors and staff are our best assets. You will reap the benefits of their unique daily life and industry experience, expertise, and progressive ideas. They are committed to your learning experience and will equip you with work and life skills after completing the study.

What Futuristic Group Offer?

We offer related training and education with genuine job prospects. Learning with us means that you will gain a qualification that is accepted by employers country-wide.


Our goal is to provide industry focus education that can directly boost your employment opportunities in the workforce. Most importantly, you’ll receive education from the teachers who know the market firsthand and get significant experience of employers’ needs. We offer several learning options on our campus.


You can study certificates and your qualifications will be recognized around Australia and internationally. 


Dedicated and qualified trainers with industry experience & knowledge.